Motorcycle Club

This is the internet domain of the TCWINNH Motorcycle Club. TCWINNH stands for The Company Which Is Not Named Here. TCWINNH is recognized by BMW MOA as chartered club #311.  TCWINNH is a diverse international corporate think-tank, as well as a family of highly accomplished BMW motorcycle enthusiasts.  TCWINNH is also known in older rider circles as RobieTech.

Originally founded in 1997, TCWINNH is composed of a small, very close group of BMW motorcycle riders.  TCWINNH does not recruit membership.  Those interested in possibly becoming a TCWINNH member some day should seek out TCWINNH/RobieTech members at BMW motorcycle rallies and become acquainted with the group.  The TCWINNH presence at most BMW rallies can be found by locating our appropriately marked Hostility Tent. No, that's not a typo.

The corporate side of TCWINNH is focused on innovative, cutting edge product development that is usually (but not always) centered around the motorcycle world.  Non-motorcycle product development often pioneers tools that compliment the riding and camping lifestyle. We have fire starters that work in the wettest of conditions, for example.

TCWINNH is not for the timid. Our best projects often fail spectacularly, or "blow up real good." The mushroom clouds represent the results of many of our proudest R&D projects gone awry.  TCWINNH requires bravery, originality, self-confidence, a thick hide, and an indomitable spirit when it comes to BMW motorcycles and the better experiences in two-wheeled life.  We've also become adept at dealing with the unfortunate experiences that may come with many thousands of miles in the saddles of our motorcycles as well.

You won't find a link here with information about membership inquiries.  We do that on purpose.  It's not quick. It's not easy.  There are no forms.  Get to know us over the course of a riding season or three.  (Our brain washing process takes time.)

New BMW riders seeking technical information should seek out resources such as the Internet BMW Riders or the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Web page.  Other interesting rider websites where our members are active include Adventure Rider, and Mike Kneebone's Iron Butt Association for Long Distance Riders.